JoyoJ-DrJ-55 Effektpedál Aerolite Compressor
Dr.J effektpedál - Aerolite Compressor

AEROLITE COMP is designed to bring you greatest compression effect together with retained infinite sustain of the original tone! AEROLITE COMP is equipped with an INPUT switch suited for High, Middle, and Low Input adjustment; COMP control to set the amount of compression and sustain; ATTACK control to adjust the dynamic and touch-sensitive attack; MIX to adjust the original signals and compressed sound to gain ideal tone with a superb compression and retained infinite sustain of the original tone. When adjusting MIX CCW to the minimum, the AEROLITE COMP can be used as a BOOST for Guitars, Basses and other musical instruments. True Bypass design minimizes tone loss. 

24 900 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 249 Ft
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